The term Cloud Computing has many definitions.
One commonality is the idea that you no longer have to buy, host and operate the physical hardware to make your IT infrastructure work - while being able to add or remove capacity as required.

Since a lot of money needs to be invested upfront into IT to make it work, such as buying servers, storage space etc. it sets really high hurdles for new projects or even for upgrading components of existing systems.

With Cloud Computing there is no commitment. You can use one server now and a thousand servers an hour later - you just pay for what you use. Or you could store petabytes of information without worrying about scaling your datacenter's RAID arrays or geo distribution and redundancy.

This lowers the bar from an investment side and opens up possibilities to start small and grow big when you need to - and perhaps more importantly, go back to small, when you no longer need the resources. This is interesting for a lot of web businesses such as:

· Websites that experience high load peaks

· Services that generate and consume large amounts of data

· Services that are used across large organizations, like eMail, CRM, CMS or DMS intranet applications

· Short-term campaigns that have significant exposure to the public or are used to test and develop internal projects

As a rule of thumb, if you need IT Services and are considering Cloud services, you probably should evaluate if the Cloud has what it takes. CloudAngels is there to help you assess the full potential of these services and take your business to the next level.