Whether you need compute power, storage solutions or content distribution - we can take your business infrastructure to a level of unprecedented performance, scalability and ease of operation to meet growing customer demand while significantly lowering TCO.


Your server landscape may be as small as one single webserver, or composed of thousands of servers, distributed across several continents. CloudAngels can make sure your platform runs as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the lowest possible TCO using on-demand compute power...Read More >>


As a company whose focus lies on IT infrastructure, we at CloudAngels are aware that the platform that runs your software is the very backbone of your business. But since the Internet's user base has grown exponentially over the years, so has your potential customer base. This means it is no longer enough to provide reliable systems that serve the customers you have today...Read More >>

Cost Benefits

Traditional IT projects typically require large upfront investments to pay for hardware. But since the advent of Cloud Computing...Read More >>